About us


VEDANTA IMPERIAL TRADING LLC is a trade, production and logistic company focused on the development of trade relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India and European countries.

Vedanta carries out its activities in the following main areas:

VedaCHEM – production and supply of chemical raw materials for various industries (paint, lubricants and cutting fluids, cosmetics and perfumery, pharmaceuticals, etc.);

VedaAGRO – production and supply of agricultural and food products, primarily Topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke) products;

VedaLOG – a full range of consulting and logistics services for import/export of goods – starting from the marketing research and the search for a seller/buyer to logistics support and customs clearance of cargo.

We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of Russia, CIS and India and provide regular container shipments from/to the major ports of these countries.

Our mission is to establish and develop reliable and mutually beneficial trade channels between Russian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers and customers, ensuring the profitability of our partners and solving their tasks efficiently, sharing business experiences and culture.

Our advantages:

  • Knowledge - an extensive database of Russian and Indian manufacturers and suppliers, analysis of export/import turnover between Russia and India on the basis of available access to trade statistics;
  • Practice - a vast business experience with Russian and Indian companies, knowing the features of both regions;
  • Universality - we operate in the majority of fields demanded in the Russian-Indian trade relations;
  • Location - we are based in St. Petersburg, which is the largest industrial and transport center as well as the sea capital of Russia. It is also an important trade route between East and West.

VEDANTA IMPERIAL TRADING – Your reliable route to success!